Concerted action on the energy efficiency directive

The 24th of March 2021 the LEAP4SME project has been presented at the Concerted Action on the Energy Efficiency Directive in the afternoon session of the Working Group 8 Tracking implementation of energy saving measures resulting from energy audits.

The overall aim of the session was to discuss on effective ways/good practices for monitoring the implementation of energy saving proposals resulting from energy audits conducted by non-SME’s according to Art 8(4), and SME’s according to Art 8(2), of the Directive.

The presentation was held by Enrico Biele with the contribution of Chiara Martini, Federico Alberto Tocchetti and Marcello Salvio.


LEAP4SME and the implementation of energy saving measures from energy audits in Italy
Enrico Biele, Chiara Martini, Federico AlbertoTocchetti, Marcello Salvio - ENEA
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