Tools for Energy Efficiency in SMEs

LEAP4SME will be presented in a joint event with ENEA, Ministry of Environment and Energy Security, and University of Basilicata.

ENEA, together with with MASE, is developing an awareness and assistance plan for SMEs for carrying out energy audits at their production sites. This event constitutes the sixth stage of the awareness plan for SMEs, in which ENEA will meet companies, stakeholders, trade associations and public administrations in order to discuss the technical and economic barriers related to the implementation of energy efficiency policies.

Proposals and tools useful for SMEs to overcome these barriers will be discussed and at the same time the solutions for achieving the energy transition of the production sectors will be evaluated with policy makers.

The event will be an opportunity to present to stakeholders the tool dedicated to SMEs for making an energy diagnosis, a tool created thanks to the collaboration between ENEA and the Engineering School of the University of Basilicata.

The tool will be licensed in February and will be available on the ENEA website. During the event, a National Observatory on energy efficiency in SMEs will be organized as part of LEAP4SME, with contributions and ideas from participants welcome.

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