LEAP4SME featured in OECD report

SMEs crucial to achieving net zero

The project has been included in the latest OECD report – ‘No net zero without SMEs’. The report draws upon some of the key findings of the project, as well as describing the ‘LEAP4SME initiative’ as part of its discussion on policy measures promoting energy efficiency for SMEs.

The OECD refers to SMEs as being of ‘critical importance’ when it comes to reaching climate objectives. While this partly refers to their cumulative environmental footprint, and the impacts that this has, it also makes reference to the vital contributions they are making towards reaching net zero through their innovative work, and efforts to go greener.

The paper discusses just how imperative it is for us to take SMEs into account in climate and environmental policies, with analysis of the drivers and barriers to green entrepreneurship. The project is excited to be contributing to this discussion and the potential policy impacts that happen to support these objectives.

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