Peer learning workshop

Collaborative workshop for H2020 projects

Partners and experts from six H2020 funded projects under the programme LC-SC3-EE-8-2018-2019 met for a joint virtual workshop aimed to inform and update participants on the relevant results from their activities. The main focus was on the enabling factors to stimulate energy audits and the adoption of energy efficiency measures, experiences in dealing with enterprises, and barriers/successes with training activities.

This peer-learning workshop was a stimulating opportunity to share relevant findings from each specific project and to bring together views and relevant experiences.


DEESME Ivana Rogulj, The Institute for European Energy and Climate Policy, Netherlands
LEAP4SME Lefteris Giakoumelos, Centre for Renewable Energy Sources and Saving, Greece
GEAR@SME Karina Veum, TNO, The Netherlands
SMEMPOWER Agnese Riccetti, Energiada, Italy
E2DRIVER Gema Mìllan and Erudino Llano, Circe Foundation, Spain
INNOVEAS Mara Corbella, Istituto Per L' Istruzione Professionale Dei Lavoratori Edili Della Provincia Di Bologna, Italy

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